Escorts For Couples

At Elite we are experienced is sending escorts to couples and realise there are different expectations and requirements for every booking. We will only send an escort who can fulfill your expectations for a genuine couple’s experience. We will never send a girl who isn’t aware of your requirements or able to perform a genuine service, rather than merely going through the motions.


The Couples Experience

We have a lot of experience providing escorts for couples and have a pretty good idea what couples are looking for when wanting to see an escort together. We've found there are usually two main requirements for couples, either they're looking for a hot girl to mainly pleasure the husband in the presence of his wife, or a genuinely bisexual escort to join in for a threesome that involves the escort being intimately involved with the wife. We cater to both types of bookings and will only send an escort who is not only comfortable with the particular type of requirement, but genuinely interested in doing that type of booking.


Couples Services

Our escorts cater to most couple requirements and can perform a range of adult services. Sometimes it’s good to start off slow with a drink and ease in with a hot oil massage to get things started. Whatever you feel comfortable with. If you have any particular requirements or fantasies just let us know and we will do our best to have the escort fulfill them.


Erotic Massage for Couples

A great way to get things moving during a couples booking is to start with an erotic massage. Our escorts are well trained in performing such a service and will help ensure all parties are comfortable and ready to move on to something more adventurous.


Couples Escorts

We have a selection of beautiful escorts able to see couples. Not every escort is OK with couples as it takes a special kind of girl to make a couples booking run smoothly. But rest assured, we will only send an escort to couple’s escorts bookings who can genuinely provide a top class couples experience.